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Fragile Hair

Your hair may be fragile for many reasons. You may have damage from excessive chemical processing, heat styling or your follicles may just produce weak hair due to poor nutrition or genetic factors.

Nutrition to support hair growth includes all base-line vitamins and minerals. Most important to reduce hair loss due to stress is B-Complex. In order to grow hair that is larger in diameter, Sulfur is necessary and may be purchased in a supplement called “MSM,” methylsulphonylmethane.

In order to protect your hair from breaking, avoid putting physical stress on your hair.

• Sleeping on a satin or nylon pillowcases reduces friction that can cause breakage.

• Use cloth-covered elastic for ponytails if you must tie hair back. Avoid tight bands, combs and clips.

• If you regularly use hair clips, bands or barrettes, vary the spot on your head so you do not stress the same hair in the same location day after day.

• Avoid wind damage by driving with your window closed and wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

• Wear a hat to protect hair from sun exposure while gardening, playing sports, walking or running outdoors or just when you are outside. This helps prevent your hair color from fading in the sun and preserves the protein within the hair shaft.

• When swimming, wet hair with tap water and wear a rubber cap over it to keep the chlorine from stripping the outer layer of the hair shaft called the cuticle. Such stripping leaves the hair a matted, tangled mess. Wearing a cap over saturated hair also prevents infiltration from the fungicidal chemicals in pool water that contain copper, which when it oxidizes later, will turn light hair green.

• Use protein treatments to strengthen hair structure.

• Use moisturizing conditioners to restore elasticity.

• Nexxus Emergencee® is a plant polymer that will splint damaged hair to protect it from further breakage.

• Put a slippery scarf on furniture where you rest your head to prevent breakage from friction:

• Easy chair

• Sofa

• Auto head rest

• Avoid wearing necklaces and ID cards around your neck. Your hair may get tangled in the chain or clasp and be broken at the very back hairline.

• Handle hair gently when wet or dry. Use detangling products that detangle without making the hair limp and fly away.

• Never brush wet hair. Gently remove tangles from the ends up toward the scalp using a plastic pick, a wide tooth comb, or a Denman ® brush that has smooth plastic bristles.
A snapping sound means hair is breaking.

• Humidify your home to add moisture to the air, and to kill static electricity.

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