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Catherine is great with us women in the middle aged and mature set.  Her background in modeling means she can help you look your best from top to bottom!  Catherine is beautiful herself (she walks her talk!), friendly, and intelligent. You’ll leave her shop looking and feeling great, and be right on time for whatever you have next.

Susan P.

Over the years, Catherine has introduced new styles that bring out the best in my changing physical appearance, and she is interesting and knowledgeable about a variety of topics.  Her prices are comparable to other salons I have visited. I have never had to wait on Catherine when arriving for an appointment.  She is always receptive when I want to introduce a change in style and she has recommended changes that have been very positive for my self-image.  Her in-home salon is clean, comfortable and has a pleasant atmosphere.  Catherine is friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, and ensures that I look my best.  Catherine makes me Look Great!

PJ Arriza

My three favorite things about Catherine at the Wave Salon are:

she figures out a way to get me an appointment when my hair suddenly turns bad she doesn’t scold me when she sees I’ve chopped at my hair between appointments she helps me like my hair!! That is a feat in itself.   

Su Attenberger

Catherine gave me the best haircut I have ever had and at a very reasonable price! Everyone comments on how beautiful, sassy, and sharp I look. The environment at her home is professional and very comfortable . I didn’t have to wait at all. Catherine is an exceptional hairdresser.  

Susan Roebuck

I have been a very satisfied client of Catherine Williams for over 21 years.

I choose to drive from northeastern El Paso County to come to The Wave Salon because I am so pleased with Catherine. I am excited that she can offer her styling services out of her home salon.

If you give The Wave Salon a try, you will find that the prices are very reasonable and that the environment is clean and free from many of the chemical odors found in most other salons. Another advantage is that there will never be a long line of people sitting around in an impersonal room waiting for appointments and you sitting there feeling like just another number with hair.

I guarantee that you will receive on time and personal attention from Catherine. You will leave feeling like someone cared how your day is going and about your salon experience from start to finish. Please give Catherine a call and set your appointment today.  


Catherine has been my hairdresser for more years than I can remember. I usually bring her a few pictures of the hairstyles that I’m interested in and we discuss what works best for my hair. I’m always very happy with the results of my visits. She is friendly and upbeat and a pleasure to be around. I always look forward to my appointments with her.

She is the best hairdresser I’ve ever had. One of the things I like best about Catherine, is that she gets excited every time I bring in a picture of a new hairstyle, which is almost every time I visit her salon. It’s exciting for me because she’s always able to create what I ask for.

Paula Buckley

I have been a client for almost 25 years. I have moved out of the city and then out of the state. I have had my hair ruined by another stylist and then returned to Catherine in Colorado to have her fix my hair disaster. She is the only stylist I have seen who really seems to know what she is doing. I currently live in Denver and make the drive to see Catherine. Catherine asks questions to zero in on what exactly I want and then does it. She is honest when what is in my head won’t translate well to being on my head. I like the relaxed atmosphere of her in home salon.  

D. S.

I highly recommend Catherine and her Wave Salon. She is extremely efficient with her time, which is your time. Because she is so knowledgeable and experienced she can provide a cheerful, cordial atmosphere while she asks questions, offers suggestions and completes her skillful work sending you out of her lovely shop looking better than you ever hoped. I came to her referred by friends I trust and whose hair always looks expertly taken care of. I mean great haircuts and the proper style for the individual. I like her because of her skill, and also because of her happy, laughing self.

DeAnne Dingwall

I have seen Catherine as a hairdresser for over 12 years, and would not consider going anywhere else. Not only is Catherine extremely talented at finding the right cut for my hair, but she is dependable and punctual always. She is very good at helping you find the look you are trying to achieve, and she is super helpful and giving feedback on what may or may not work with your particular hairstyle.

Catherine has a home salon set up that is so awesome. It is professional yet has the feeling of a comfortable and stylish place that makes you feel comfortable and homey. I truly believe that Catherine is the most talented and most fun and comforting person you could want to do business with.  

John Daugherty

 Visiting Catherine’s in-home salon is a warm, pleasant, spa-like experience and I come out smiling and with great-looking hair every time!  


I moved to the Springs 6 years ago and “found” Catherine about a year ago after trying several, more expensive salons. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with her! She actually listens to what you tell her and does all she can to make sure you are completely pleased with the results. She is very pleasant to talk to and seems genuinely interested in you. I don’t think you can beat her prices or the quality of service she provides. Also, she has always been on time and I have never had to wait. I really like the fact that her salon is in her home as I find it much more comfortable and personal than a large salon with so many people. She definitely receives my highest recommendation!  


I’ve been going to Catherine for years, she provides excellent prices and a haircut that always gets me compliments! She’s always willing to work with me to get just the right shade of highlights, is a pro at a razor cut and always does her best to work me in even when I give her little notice. I wouldn’t get my hair cut anywhere else! Thanks Catherine!   

Lisa Deschaine 

This is the first time I have used the services of a stylist operating in her home, however I am quite happy with the experience because I don’t have to tolerate the chemical odors of manicurists and other stylists performing their jobs. Another bonus of Catherine’s in-home salon is easy parking!

Catherine is friendly and helpful by gladly offering tips on how to manage my hair. I enjoy the benefit of punctual, personal treatment that makes me feel just a little bit special unlike what I have encountered in a busy salon with multiple stylists and clients. I am pleased enough to drive 11 miles when I could go to many hair stylists much closer. I have been a contented client since June of 2010.  

Diana De Haven, 2014

One of the main things I appreciate about Catherine is her color technique. As I have white hair and didn’t want an extreme and obvious color change, Catherine was able to produce a light beige which was perfect for me. I also like the experience of being in a home salon on a friendly side street with little traffic and convenient parking. I enjoy visiting with Catherine, and she is always on time!   


Catherine has been my hairdresser for 9 years which speaks highly of her in many ways. Not only is she a congenial, experienced hairdresser, which is the main reason I visit her, but also she is enormously friendly and intelligent and fun to be around. Generally I know none of the people who enter her shop while I’m there but we all join in on conversation on any topic. It’s a great place and I drive 18 minutes to reach her…I love Catherine.

Diane Landreneau

Catherine Williams is a very skilled hairdresser, and therefore I have been a client of hers, with weekly appointments, for almost six years. She runs on schedule, is very punctual, very efficient, and makes every effort to please. I enjoy the home setting for her salon as it affords privacy and one-on-one attention. Her prices are fair, she is very cordial, expresses herself articulately, but does not become overbearing with personal opinions. All in all, she is very likable as well as proficient at what she does.       

Barboura Selby

I feel very fortunate to have found The Wave Salon! I like the privacy and the unrushed feeling of the personal attention that I get when I arrive for my hair appointments. Due to careful booking of appointments, there is never any waiting and I always feel more like a guest than just another customer.

Catherine always listens to my concerns with regard to my hair and is very friendly, personable, and professional.

The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed and Catherine always makes sure I am comfortable before she starts to work. She is quick, efficient, and knowledgeable about hair. I have always been satisfied with the consistently excellent quality of her work and the absolute cleanliness of her home salon. I don’t mind driving the distance for the service that I enjoy there.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) The Wave Salon is definitely rated a 10 in my book!

Arlene L. Osborn

 I have been a client of Catherine Williams for 13 years, definitely longer than any other hairdresser that I have used.  I have colored, dry, damaged, thin hair, and Catherine has managed to help my hair become stronger and not so dry and damaged.  Catherine is a superb hairdresser.  She does what she says she will do.  I will continue to be a client of Catherine’s as long as she is doing hair.

  Connie Yates 

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