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Wearing Curly Hair

Whether your hair is curly naturally, or because you had a permanent wave, there are some tips to consider to make the most of your hairstyle.

Poodle perms became popular in the eighties and those with thin hair really loved them for two reasons. One, because it made thin hair look voluptuous and full, and two, because it was so easy to look presentable. Many clients still get tight perms, but will blow them out or use curlers to soften the look.

If you want to wear your curls without the hassle of blowing dry and setting your hair on hard plastic rollers, Velcro rollers, hot rollers or with a curling iron, then here are some ideas to bear in mind:

• Wash and condition your hair using products that are appropriate to its needs. Textures vary, and fine hair that is tinted and permed will require different care than a head of coarse, wiry and naturally curly hair. Your hair texture, your level of curl, whether the curl is natural or chemically created, and whether your hair is color-treated or natural will all make a difference as to which products are right for your hair. Also, if your water comes from well water or city water will also make a difference as to which products are right for you.

• Gently towel blot but do not dry

• Detangle with a pick. Never brush wet hair. Start from the ends and work in toward the scalp.

• Apply your styling product such as a gel or mousse.

• Pick and arrange the hair the way you want it to dry.

• Now here comes the hard part: Let it dry without touching it! So many people touch their hair as it is drying and work it into a frizzy mess. Just let it dry. You can sit under a hood dryer, or use a diffuser on your blow dryer, but try to not move the hair around too much or you will break up the curl pattern and create an unstructured and frizzy look.

• Once your hair is completely dry, pick your hair gently from scalp but NOT through the ends. This is a lifting action that will create fullness without breaking up the curl pattern.

• If you like more curl definition, you may try applying a pomade and gently scrunch the curls with your hands. This will add shine and definition to each curl.

There are many more things I can teach you about handling your curls, but these I would have to demonstrate to you. You may think you have a weak curl pattern but it is possible that with the right use of a blow dryer with a diffuser, you can create a look of tighter curls and a full, sexy head of hair!

Now if you hate your curls or want a keratin smoothing treatment, please consider the risk of being poisoned by formaldehyde either in the product ingredients or formed as the treatment is heated with flat irons.  Dr. Oz did a show on it and you may want to watch it for yourself.

I do not offer this service because I am committed to health…yours and mine!

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