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Hair Removal

If you want permanent hair removal, I recommend you check into electrolysis.  This is a permanent hair removal technique that does not depend on expensive lasers that target the melanin pigment in darker hair colors.  Electrolysis is a way to kill the hair follicle.  It works on all hair colors, and it works on men and women.

Waxing and tweezing can actually damage the follicle, sending a signal for more blood to heal the area.  Once that happens, the follicle can become healthier, and produce a more robust whisker!  Yikes!  This feature only applies to hair in the mustache and beard areas of the face.  All other hair behaves differently with regard to tweezing or waxing. In the case of other areas of the body, pulling hair out eventually fatigues the follicle, so it may quit producing hair. There is no way to predict how long that may take, but it is possible.

Please contact an electrolysis professional like my associate, C.J. Keefe of ALgentle Permanent Hair Removal.  Her location is 245 E. Cheyenne Mtn. Blvd. in Colorado Springs.  Her number is 719-776-9720.

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